Creative Expressionist

Karen Keenan Takis


Karen is the founder and director of Express Yrself. She graduated  from the University of Oregon with a BS degree in Arts &  Architecture, with  concentration in Art Education and internships in Art Therapy.  As an assistant  photographer for their publications department, Karen found her way to  creatively express herself along her career path. 

Since  graduating from college, she has had a consistent hand in the arts from  curating art galleries to photography shows, and working with children, individuals with disabilities and older adults. 

Establishing a presence on  the North Shore of Massachusetts, Karens' love for the Arts has  inspired her to reach out to others to experience the joy with the  freedom of art. 

KKT Photographics: Imagery from Eagles Hill, Ipswich, MA

  KKT Photographics: Eagles Hill, Ipswich MA